We bring visions to life through construction and design excellence

Established with a rich history in the construction and design industry, Andamangu has been a beacon of excellence since its inception. Our journey is marked by a legacy of precision, innovation, and dedication. With a team of highly qualified professionals and over 100 external staff from diverse backgrounds, we combine expertise and innovation to deliver exceptional results. Operating from our strategic offices in Juba, South Sudan, and Nairobi, Kenya, we are well-positioned to serve a wide range of clients, from government agencies to private entities. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and client-centric values has set us apart in the industry, making Andamangu the trusted choice for turning ideas into reality.

Our People are the source of Our Strenth

Our strength emanates from the dedication, competence, and innovative spirit of our team. It’s the collective passion of our professionals and external experts that fuels our success. With their diverse skills and unwavering commitment, we deliver excellence in every project. Our strength is also drawn from our values of integrity and client-centricity, which guide our approach to every endeavor. Together, we shape a brighter future through precision, sustainability, and transformative construction and design.

Our Mission

At Andamangu, our mission is to deliver exceptional construction and design solutions that enhance lives. With integrity, innovation, and excellence as our driving forces, we aim to set new industry standards and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations while adding value to our stakeholders.

Our Vision

 We envision a world where sound engineering knowledge is harnessed to create a positive impact on society. We aspire to be a driving force in shaping the future of construction, setting new industry standards, and contributing to the betterment of communities in South Sudan and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our Team

At Andamangu General Construction & Trading Company, our strength lies in our people. We have a dedicated team of 45 professionals, including highly qualified individuals who bring expertise and experience to every project. We foster a culture of personal innovation and self-motivation among our staff, ensuring that creativity and commitment drive our work. In addition to our core team, we maintain a vast network of associated firms and international experts, ready to join us as needed to bring your projects to life.

Anderson Caleb


Douglas Mabangu

Financial Manager

John M. Mabangu

Lead Interior Designer

Emmanuel Imani

Logistics Manager

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